Prof. Anna G. Stefanopoulou (University of Michigan)

William Clay Ford Professor of Technology at the University of Michigan, has served as the Director of the Automotive Research Center, a multi-university U.S. Army Center of Excellence, and the Michigan Energy Institute.

She has mentored and taught a generation of engineers in control of advanced powertrains through classroom, online, and asynchronous courses. She has been an advisor of new curricula, training needs, and research in modeling, estimation, and control for engines, fuel cells, and batteries, with findings documented in a book, 21 US patents, and 400 publications.

She has been recognized by many prestigious awards and is a Fellow of the ASME, IEEE, and SAE. She has served on two US National Academy committees (2015 and 2020) formed upon request by the US Congress to report on vehicle fuel economy standards and the transition to electrification.



  • Battery aging behavior
  • Models of Degradation Mechanisms
  • State of Health Estimation in Cells, Parallel Groups, Packs
  • Abuse conditions triggeringabnormal behavior
  • Gas Evolutions, Venting, Thermal Runaway
  • Detection, Mitigation, and Applications